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Women Development Committee of AITAM is associated with the ..


  1. Dr. A.S. Srinivasa Rao Principal Convener
  2. Smt. D. Pranaya Asst. Prof. (MBA) Coordinator
  3. Smt. K.V.L. Bhavani Assoc. Prof.(ECE) Member
  4. Smt. N. Sowjanya Asst. Prof (EEE) Member
  5. Smt. K. Kavita Sr. Asst. Prof. (IT) Member
  6. Smt. N. Preethi Asst. Prof. (CSE) Member
  7. Ms. Meenaka Attmaja Ray Asst. Prof. (MECH) Member
  8. Smt. J. Tejeswani Asst. Physical Director Member
  9. Ms. A. Sirisha (19A51A0147) Student (III CIVIL) Member
  10. Ms. S. Shaja (19A51A05I3) Student (III CSE) Member
  11. Ms. R. Mounika (19A51A0451) Student (III ECE) Member
  12. Ms. G. Ruchitha (19A51A0208) Student (III EEE) Member
  13. Ms. R. Pallavi (20A55A0375) Student (III MECH) Member
  14. Ms. Sarmista Nayak (19A51A1249) Student (III IT) Member
  15. Ms. Meenaka Attmaja Ray Asst. Prof. (MECH) Member
  16. Ms. K. Saileela (20A51E0031) Student (II MBA) Member


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