Director AITAM

Prof V.V.Nageswara Rao


Engineering education at AITAM is indeed a rewarding intellectual experience. The Institute prepares the engineering professionals of tomorrow imbued with insight, imagination and ingenuity to flourish as successful engineers. Our programs are attuned to the needs of the changing times. The classrooms are ultramodern; the library and labs are cutting-edge; and all the members of the faculty are workaholic professionals and masters in their fields. Not surprisingly, our students are recruited by such -renowned organizations as HCL, Satyam, WIPRO, INFOS-: YS, TCS, Visual Soft, Innova-Solutions and Infotec. The; exceptional dedication of our: students, faculty and staff, and-our collaborations with Indus-; try and other institutions-ensure that the Institute is well; poised to create a unique niche in the horizons of engineering education.

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