Career Guidance Cell

A dedicated Career Guidance Cell is established to guide the students to prospective careers. This cell is to collect the career options from the students, create Awareness and importance of higher studies in India & Abroad by conducting coaching classes on CAT, TOEFL, GATE, GRE etc. The Main function of the AITAM to encourage the young professionals for achieving the dreams of higher education

The cell functions like a bridge between the institution and industry. It holds career-oriented lectures by senior managers and successful consultants. It also arranges for companies to facilitating pre-placement talks, written tests, group discussions and interviews & Mock Tests for GATE & CAT .The Cell acts as a liaison between the students of our college and the Foreign Universities to assist them in admission procedure and all other related Informational aspects so as to make their further study.

  • Employment opportunities and career paths are affected by changes in the economy and political shifts within society. CGC believes that opportunities may change with the time by Giving In Time Information about Current Competitive Examinations.
  • The students better option to go for further studies. A specialization will always earn the student more salary as well as priority during interviews and of course sound grip over subject than getting some job.
  • To adopt suitable strategies for supporting a common student can log on, Anywhere with cheaper in cost & Possible for Self tests with the help of Our Web Based coaching.
  • To Develop Awareness, Information & Importance of Higher Studies In time to the Student to make the Rural student to achieve success by caching the Best opportunities Foreign Studies.
  • To conduct a survey among students on their career options.
  • To organise programmes to create awareness about the importance of higher studies in India and Abroad.
  • To organize diagnostic tests for the competitive exams such as GATE,CAT,GRE,GMAT and to counsel them for higher studies.
  • To organize coaching classes on GATE,CAT, TOEFL,GRE etc. towards higher studies.
  • To provide available updated information about jobs /positions/opportunities.
  • To conduct career development seminars and workshops To provide necessary literature /brochure/information.
  • To mobilize resources for needy students to apply for jobs.
  • To organize lectures on career development by subject experts.