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We are having good number of faculty with doctorates in the following areas:

1. Data Mining
2. Image Processing

Dr. B.V. Ramana got his PhD in Data Mining applications to medicine. He would like to pursue his research career in Data Mining and Bio-Informatics.

Dr. G.S.N. Murthy obtained his PhD in the area of Image Mining and he would like to work in the research areas like image mining , image watermarking and security which can be used in a wide range of commercial, surveillance and law enforcement applications.

Dr.Ch. Ramesh got his PhD. He would like to continue research career in image processing.

We would like to continue our department research ambitions in the above areas for the next 3 to 5 years.

Also, we would like to orient our next research interests in the following areas:
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Medical Analytics
  • Multi-core and GPU programming.
  • Human computer interface

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