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AITAM Excellence in teaching

TEQIP Funded Instituition

Dr. K.B.Madhu Sahu



It is only through knowledge that man attains immortality. Knowledge has to expand or grow to remain knowledge. The road to excellence is toughest, roughest and steepest in the Universe. The world requires and honors only excellence. Available information has to be directed by wisdom and intelligence to create new knowledge. Promotion of creativity is the new role of education. It is only through creative thinking that the present and future problems can be addressed to find dynamic solutions. Technology should be used to help remove poverty from the world. In fact 40% of the worlds poor are in India. Confidence leads to capacity. It is faith in oneself that produces miracles. Education at AITAM helps build Character, Strengthen the mind, expand the intellect and establish a culture of looking at problems in a new perspective. The student is put through rigorous training so that he can stand on his own feet after leaving the portals of the Institute.

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