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Prof. G. Sateesh Kumar , Ph.D - Head of the Department

Dr. G. Sateesh Kumar is presently working as Professor and Head of the Department in Electronics and Communication Engineering Department, AITAM, Tekkali. He completed his Ph.D from Andhra University in the Dept. of Electronics and Communication Engineering. He has 17 experience years in teaching and research. He published more than 32 research papers in National/ International Journals and Conferences. He is a life member of ISTE.

S.No Name of the Staff Member Designation Qualification E-Mail Id Employee Id
1 Dr.A.S.Srinivasa Rao Principal Ph.D A5ECE00T01
2 Dr. G. Sateesh Kumar Professor/HOD Ph.D A5ECE00T48
3 Dr. M. Jayamanmadha Rao Professor, Assoc Dean - Student Affairs Ph.D A5ECE00T05
4 Dr. B. Rama Rao Professor & Asst. HOD Ph.D A5ECE00T21
5 Dr D.Yugandhar Professor Ph.D A5ECE00T06
6 Dr V. Ashok Kumar Professor Ph.D A5ECE00T13
7 Dr. M.N.V.S.S.Kumar Assoc. Prof. Ph.D A5ECE00T60
8 Sri. P.V.Muralidhar Assoc.Prof M.Tech A5ECE00T03
9 Sri. M.V.H.Bhaskara Murthy Assoc. Prof M.Tech A5ECE00T47
10 Sri. Ch.Rajasekhara Rao Asso.Prof. M.Tech A5ECE00T34
11 Sri. V. Lokesh Raju Asso.Prof. M.E A5ECE00T08
12 Dr K.Chidambara Rao Asso.Prof. M.Tech A5ECE00T32
13 Smt. K.V.Lalitha Bhavani Assoc. Prof. M.Tech A5ECE00T09
14 Sri. M.S.R. Naidu Assoc.Prof. M.Tech A5ECE00T11
15 Sri.G.S.S.S.S.V.Krishna Mohan Assoc.Prof. M.Tech A5ECE00T68
16 Mr. D. Hari Hara Santhosh Assoc.Prof M.Tech A5ECE00T66
17 Sri. M.Lakshmu Naidu Sr. Asst. Prof. M.Tech A5ECE00T19
18 Ms. A. Jayalaxmi  Sr. Asst.Prof. M.Tech A5ECE00T14
19 Sri.M.Bala Krishna Sr.Asst.Prof. M.E A5ECE00T43
20 Dr.Kiran Kumar Patro Asst. Prof. Ph.D A5ECE00T72
21 Smt. J. Swathi Asst. Prof. M.Tech A5ECE00T04
22 Sri T.Viswanadham Asst.Prof. M.Tech A5ECE00T46
23 Sri.L.Rambabu Asst.Prof. M.Tech A5ECE00T35
24 Sri. M.Chaitanya Kumar Asst,Prof. M.Tech A5ECE00T25
25 Sri. Y. Srinivasa Rao Asst. Prof. M.Tech A5ECE00T49
26 Smt. Eppili Jaya Asst.Prof. M.Tech A5ECE00T45
27 Mr. P. Sirish Kumar Asst. Prof. M.Tech A5ECE00T50
28 Sri. Rajapanthula Kranthi Asst. Prof. M.Tech A5ECE00T51
29 Sri. K. Krishnam Raju Asst.Prof. M.Tech A5ECE00T17
30 Sri. Attada Rajesh Asst.Prof M.Tech A5ECE00T57
31 Sri. S. Uma Maheswara Rao Asst. Prof M.Tech A5ECE00T54
32 Sri. Vandana Laxmi Asst. Prof M.Tech A5ECE00T55
33 Sri. P. Krishna Rao Asst. Prof M.Tech A5ECE00T58
34 Sri. D.V.L.N.Sastry Asst.Prof. M.Tech A5ECE00T69
35 Sri.B.Anil Kumar Asst.Prof. M.Tech A5ECE00T65
36 sri. P. Kameswara Rao Asst.Prof M.Tech A5ECE00T64
37 Sri Menda Muraldhar Asst.Prof M.Tech A5ECE00T
38 Sri Lammatha Srikanth Asst.Prof M.Tech A5ECE00T

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