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Dr. C.J.Rao Ph.D - Head of the Department

Prof. C. J. Rao has a Ph.D. from the department of Mechanical Engineering, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam. His research interests are centred around manufacturing. He has nearly 22 years of Industrial and Teaching experience. He is a life member of ISTE and Fellow of Institution of Engineers (India).

S.No Name of the Staff Member Designation Qualification
E-Mail Id
Employee Id
1 Dr. Ch.Janardhana Rao HOD/Professor Ph.D. A5MEC00T01
2 Dr.D.Vishnu Murthy Dean Admin & Planning Ph.D. A5MBA00T10
3 Dr.D.Sreeramulu Professor Ph.D. dsreeramulu.mech@
4 Dr. D. Ajaad Professor Ph.D. A5MEC00T02
5 Sri.D.Lokanadham Asso.Prof. M.Tech A5MEC00T04
6 Sri.P.Srihari Assoc.Prof. M.Tech A5MEC00T18
7 Sri.B.Rama Krishna Assoc.Prof M.Tech A5MEC00T17
8 Sri.N.Ramesh Assoc.Prof M.Tech A5MEC00T53
9 Sri.Menda Venkata Ramana Assoc.Prof. M.Tech A5MEC00T09
10 Dr.R Siva Sankara Raju Asst.Prof Ph.D A5MEC00T57
11 Dr.Santhosh Kumar Dubba Asst.Prof Ph.D A5MEC00T59
12 Mr. D. Rama Jogi Naidu Asst.Prof. ME A5MEC00T25
13 Sri. B.V.V. Prasada Rao Asst.Prof. M.Tech A5MEC00T39
14 Sri. A.Satish Kumar Asst.Prof. M.Tech A5MEC00T40
15 Smt.Kornu Mohana Laxmi Asst.Prof M.Tech A5MEC00T41
16 Sri. D. Appa Rao Asst.Prof. M.Tech A5MEC00T43
17 Sri. Y. Hari Babu Asst.Prof. M.Tech A5MEC00T42
18 Sri. Yanda Sagar Asst.Prof. M.Tech A5MEC00T45
19 Mr. P. Devi Prasad Asst.Prof M.Tech A5MEC00T49
20 Mr.M. Venkatesh Asst.Prof M.Tech A5MEC00T51
21 Sri Dumpala Bhanu Chandara Rao Asst.Prof M.Tech A5MEC00T55
22 Sri Santhosh Kumar Sahoo Asst.Prof M.Tech A5MEC00T61
23 Sri Raghuveer Dontikurti Asst.Prof M.Tech A5MEC00T60

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