(An Autonomous Instituition)
                                             Accredited by NAAC & NBA, Affiliated to JNTUK,TEQIP Funded,Recognized by UGC under 2(f),12(b)
                              AITAM MODULAR PROGRAM

AITAM introduced Modular program on Saturdays that acts as as a repository for all the essential, Technology & industry demanded activities. The utilization of AITAM Modular Program in providing different activities of different domains to the students which make the system more effective. As our organization is growing day by day and is being flooded with the new queries, the modular program is going to play a vital role in future. Its aim is to develop employable skill, intellectual skills Leadership qualities kinetic skills for the student.



             To develop a large scale technical information system for all students in the campus. To integrate relevant activities of different domains. Through AITAM Modular Programme, to develop a semi-automated system for essential activities of AITAM

End Of Project Status
  • The project become self-sustaining when essential activities like gate, add on courses, leadership programme, English and sports. And other essential activities like regular class work are integrated.
  • Output of the project is to reduce the inconvenience arising at the time of regular class work day to day activities of the students.
  • All the departments in the college are beneficial of the project. The modular programme will be available to every student on every Saturday and they can be able to adapt/select any module of the programme.

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