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Dr. G. Vasanthi , M.Sc, Ph.D. - Head of the Department

Dr G Vasanti is an illustrious Mathematician with 16 years of teaching experience who served at various levels in the department of mathematics’, AITAM, Tekkali, since 2001. She was awarded Ph D from Andhra University, in July 2012. She has several papers on Fuzzy Sets in her credit which are published under various National and International Journals, presented in National and International Conferences like INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF MATHEMATICS, HYDERABAD, 19-27 AUG 2010, INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF WOMEN MATHEMATICANS - UNIVERSITY OF HYDERABAD, AUGUST 17-18,2010. During these sixteen years of her teaching experience, she has handled various courses in mathematics for both undergraduate and post-graduate students of BSC, MSC, B Tech. , MCA, MBA.

S.No Name of the Staff Member Designation Qualification
E-Mail Id
1 Dr.G.Vasanthi Professor/HOD Ph.D
2 Dr. R.Santhi Kumar Assoc. Prof. Ph.D
3 Dr. P. Prasantham Assoc.Prof. M.A., Ph.D., SET-TS & AP, PGCTE, PGDTE, PGDELT
4 Sri. V.V.S.S.P.S Srikanth Assoc. Prof. M.Sc., M.Phil., (Ph.D.)
5 Sri. B.V.G.Murali Krishna Assoc. Prof. B. Tech., MBA
6 Dr. M.V.Ratna Mani Assoc.Prof. M.Sc, M.Phil
7 Smt: K. Lakshmi Asst.Prof. M.Sc, M.Phil
8 Sri. M. Santhi Asst.Prof. M.A
9 Sri.Suryanaryana.P.S.Kornu Asst.Prof M.Sc.
10 Mr. Bondapalli Lakshmana Rao Asst. Prof. M.Sc, M.Phil
11 Mr. T.Venkata Udaya Babu Asst. Prof M.Sc
12 Smt. K. Ramya Asst. Prof M.Sc
13 Sri. T.Viswanadham Asst. Prof. M.Sc
14 Mr. Bonula Venkata Rao Asst. Prof. M.Sc
15 Mr. Vaddadi Vinod Kumar Asst. Prof. M.Sc
16 Dr. Sowri Babu Kotikala Asst. Prof. M.Sc.
Sri K.Ravi Kumar Asst. Prof. M.Sc.
17 Sri.S.Bheemeswara Rao Asst.Prof M.Sc,M.Tech
18 Sri.P.Suresh Patnaik Asst.Prof. M.Sc.
19 Sri.N.Nageswara Rao Asst.Prof M.Sc
20 Sri. K. Sreedhar Asst. Prof M.Sc.
21 Sri. Roshan BVS Bommidi Asst. Prof M.Sc.
22 Dr. H.Ram Mohan Sr.Asst.Prof. M.Sc.
23 Dr.Malla Ramanaiah Sr.Asst.Prof Ph.D
24 Sri.S.V.Maruti Prasad Asst.Prof M.Sc.
25 Sri.I.Sudhakar Rao Asst.Prof M.Sc
26 Sri.J.Suresh Kumar Asst.Prof M.Sc
27 Ms.Udayasri Allu Asst.Prof M.Sc
28 Sri.M.Bala Krishana Asst.Prof M.Sc
29 Smt. S. Gowtamisri Asst. Prof M.Sc.
30 Sri. D. Srihari Asst. Prof M.Sc.
31 Sri. M.Papi Naidu Asst.Prof. M.A.
32 Sir. K. Narasimha Murthy Asst. Prof. M.A.Lit,
33 Sri.K.Prakasam Asst.Prof M.A.
34 Ms. N. Shailaja Asst. Prof M.A. Lit
35 Sri. N. Indumathi Asst. Prof M.A.
36 Mr. N Murali Asst. Prof M.A
37 Mr. D Kanta Rao Asst. Prof M.A
38 Mr. V Tulasi Rao Asst. Prof M.A
39 Mr. Velagala Rambabu Asst. Prof M.A
40 Sri.N.Saibabu Asst.Prof. M.B.A
41 Mrs. Kallepalli Madhavi Asst.Prof. M.B.A
42 Mr. H Uday Bhaskar Asst. Prof. M.B.A
43 Sri. V. Gopala Krishna Asst. Prof. M.B.A
44 Mrs.R.Prabha Asst. Prof. M.A. (English)
45 Sri.D.Rajesh Asst. Prof. M.A.(English), B.Ed., (M.Phil)
46 Sri D. Kanta Rao Asst. Prof. M.A., M.Phil., (Ph.D)
47 Sri Bhaskara Babu Suthroy Asst. Prof. M.Sc,M.A,M.Phil
48 Sri. B.Vijaya Kumar Asst. Prof. M.A
49 Sri.K.Vidya Sagar Asst. Prof. M.B.A
50 Sri. D.Yesoda Asst. Prof. M.A
Adjunct Faculty
51 Dr.Y.Gopala Rao
52 Sri.Dhurwasulu Baledi
53 Sri.K.K.D. Ramesh
54 Sri.Jermiah Gabriel Guzzari

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